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Detsky Mir and WWF Russia Launch Exclusive Children’s Clothing Collection

Moscow, Russia, 14 March 2022 – Detsky Mir Group, a multi-vertical digital retailer and the leader in the children’s goods sector in Russia and Kazakhstan, and WWF Russia have designed and launched a collaborative apparel collection in support of animals facing extinction in Russia.

Detsky Mir has teamed up with WWF Russia to launch a limited collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts for 2 to 6 year olds that feature images of vulnerable species of animals that can be found in Russia, including the bowhead whale, snow leopard, polar bear, sea otter, oriental stork, as well as the symbol of the WWF – the panda. All garments in the collection are made using Better Cotton Initiative-certified cotton. This means that the cotton used has the smallest environmental footprint possible: producers look to conserve biodiversity and soil fertility, use water efficiently, and respect workers’ rights. All labels on the garments in the collection, as well as the boxes they are packaged in, are FSC certified[1], while the clothes hangers they are displayed on are made of recycled plastic.

The collection is already available for purchase online and in stores. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each item in the collection will go towards supporting WWF Russia’s ongoing conservation projects for vulnerable species of animals in Russia.

“As part of our sustainability strategy, Detsky Mir and the WWF have signed a cooperation agreement which cements the Group’s intention to roll out sustainable practices across our business processes, promote responsible and sensible consumption among our customers, highlight the importance of conserving the environment, and support WWF Russia’s environmental projects,” commented Maria Volodina, Commercial Director for Apparel and Footwear at Detsky Mir Group.

“It is vital to instill a love for nature and animals from children’s earliest years. We are really pleased that our partner Detsky Mir understands this and strives to tell its huge audience of kids and their parents about Russia’s amazing animals, and the fact that many of them, unfortunately, are in danger,” said Irina Vorobieva, Head of Membership Programme at WWF Russia. “These kinds of initiatives with major companies help drive positive change in society and help preserve our country’s plants and animals.”

You can take a look at the collection here.


On 25 May 2021, Detsky Mir Group became a signatory to the Memorandum on Sustainable Development, a retail industry initiative launched on 4 June 2019. The memorandum aims to embed sustainability principles across retail by promoting a joint search for solutions to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint, improve business processes, find new technology solutions, and adjust consumption models.

[1]A Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label on paper or other materials made from wood indicates that they come from a forestry that conforms to the FSC’s rigorous social and environmental standards.