Social & Charitable Activities

An important sustainability activity for the Detsky Mir Group is helping families with children, children experiencing hardship and homeless animals. Detsky Mir Group’s social activities are carried out through the Detsky Mir Charitable Foundation, established in 2004 and operating in accordance with PJSC Detsky Mir’s Articles of Association and Charity Policy. By implementing social and charitable projects, the Company strives to improve the access of families to socially important categories of goods, living conditions in children’s social institutions, increase the level of socialization and unleash the creative potential of children, as well as help homeless animals.

Strategic Areas of Development Regarding Charitable Assistance to Children and Homeless Animals

  • Developing corporate philanthropy
  • Developing social programs for children and homeless animals
  • Developing corporate volunteering

Priority Areas of Charitable Activities

  • Providing assistance to childcare institutions
  • Helping children by covering the costs of expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, supporting their families and children’s healthcare institutions
  • Supporting children’s festivals and celebrations, providing assistance to gifted children
  • Providing career guidance and assistance in social and domestic adaptation for distressed children
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle and holding sports events

Detsky Mir invites its employees to get involved in social and charitable projects, thereby increasing their
engagement. Increasing corporate volunteering is one of the Company’s objectives as set out in its Sustainability Strategy.

Detsky Mir Group’s social activities are carried out through the Detsky Mir Charitable Foundation, which was established in 2004 and operates in accordance with PJSC Detsky Mir’s Articles of Association and Charity Policy.

Funding sources for charitable activities include funds allocated from the Company’s budget, as well as voluntary donations received by the Detsky Mir Charitable Foundation.

Sources of Donations

  • Transfers to the Foundation’s settlement account
  • Co-financing
  • Online donations on the Foundation’s website
  • Coinbox collections
  • Donations made upon payment for purchases in the online store
  • Donations made by the Company’s partners

The total value of goods donated to charitable causes in 2021 exceeded 1 billion Rub. In addition, the Detsky Mir Charitable Foundation received RUB 45,6 m in donations, some of which were made by Detsky Mir. At the end of 2021, the total volume of Detsky Mir’s own investments and outside investment raised to finance charity social programs aimed at helping children and homeless animals amounted to RUB 1132 m. Detsky Mir Group takes care of more than 500,000 disadvantaged children residing in 980 children’s homes in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus