Sustainability Strategy

Detsky Mir is the largest children’s goods retailer across the former Soviet Union. Our business has a varied and significant impact.

As a company built on social responsibility, Detsky Mir runs a number of charity and environmental projects each year, and also encourages volunteering among employees. The Company’s mission is not only to offer a wide assortment of products for children, but also to improve quality of life for children and entire families, and to take care of the environment for future generations.

In 2020, Detsky Mir conducted its debut ESG analysis and developed a roadmap to further integrate ESG into the Company’s business model and strategy.

Based on extensive data from all stakeholders – employees, customers, investors, members of industry communities, as well as government agencies – the main strategic areas of focus in the Company’s sustainability were identified, based on Detsky Mir’s corporate values, as well as the nine UN sustainability Goals to which Detsky Mir can make the greatest contribution.

Responsible Product Sourcing

Social & Charitable Activities

Our Employees

Environmental Responsibility

As Detsky Mir becomes a major online player, we have identified an additional area of monitoring and continuous quality improvement: cyber security and personal data protection.

At the end of 2020, we began formulating the Company’s strategic goals and relevant metrics in the area of sustainability. We expect to share these with all stakeholders in the second half of 2021.

Maria Davydova, CEO of Detsky Mir:

“We pay particular attention to fulfilling our obligations to our customers, investors and employees, as well as to environmental wellbeing and caring for children’s quality of life. For our employees, we look to create a robust working environment that will support their development and give everyone equal opportunities. For employees who are involved in business processes, our goal is to support responsible business principles through compliance with strict ethical standards for partners and suppliers. By continuously improving business processes, introducing new technological solutions, taking responsibility for the environment and caring for children’s quality of life, we are making a significant contribution to a better future.”